Top Reasons for Choosing a Rental Tent in Dubai

Outdoor events have always been a fan favorite. From birthdays to weddings, there is no shortage of occasions to celebrate outside. In fact, many people find that celebrations outdoors is preferable compared to enclosed halls.

Rental Tents in Dubai UAE

But when the planning begins, the big question arises: do you buy a tent or order a rental tent? Here are our top reasons why you should choose a rental tent in Dubai.

  1. You get a variety of choices.

Tents for rent in Dubai come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. By choosing to rent a tent, you open your options and opportunities for decorating your tent for your event.

In fact, no two tents have to be identical. The tent you use for your grandfather’s birthday party is more likely to be smaller than the tent you’d rent for your kids’ birthday.

Depending on the season, you’ll want to keep your options open. Rental tent providers in Dubai like Artisan Tents offer a wide variety of tent styles and equipment. This will come in handy especially as you plan your event!

  1. You’ll have more room without commitments.

Purchasing your own tent in Dubai, UAE is a full-on commitment. Tents need to be maintained and stored the proper way to ensure its longevity. By choosing to rent a tent in Dubai, you not only save time and money but you are granted more room without the responsibility of maintaining a tent.

Naturally, your tent requirements would vary according to your event and the time of the year. You’d need a more open and well-ventilated tent during warmer months. But during the winter, you’ll need a tent that will house your guests warmly and comfortably. Options for tent rentals in Dubai, UAE grant you the freedom of choice, room, and save you the hassle of storage!

  1. The show must (and will) go on.

We all know that the weather can be unpredictable. This is why it is imperative that you opt for a rental tent whenever you host your events outdoors. This way, regardless of the weather, you can rest assured that the show will go on and that your guests are cozy.

Whether you’re in the scorching heat of the summer but with HVAC in place or the biting winter but with heaters, you’re guaranteed a successful event no matter what time of the year it is!

  1. They serve more than one purpose.

Rental tents aren’t only for parties and events. They serve more than housing humans. Rental tents in Dubai, UAE can be used for storage purposes, too!

If you don’t have the extra space for your things, you can rent a tent in Dubai, UAE and use it as a temporary storage lot. It can also be a warehouse or a place to keep animals or livestock. Check with your rental tent provider if they can provide the right kind of tent for your needs!

  1. Keep your guests happy.

There is nothing worse than weeks of long and careful planning and hear nothing but negative feedback from your guests. Keep your guests happy and comfortable by granting them enough space to move and mingle with each other.

A rental tent in Dubai can be as spacious as you’d like. You can easily accommodate your guests and even provide entertainment!

Rental tents in Dubai, UAE are convenient, versatile, and portable to virtually everywhere! From beaches to deserts, rental tents in Dubai are perfect for events. When the weather is pleasant, why not let your guests enjoy it as they celebrate the occasion with you? It’s a world of possibilities with rental tents!


Finding the Perfect Ramadan Tent in Dubai

Another year has begun and we’re looking forward to what it has in store. For most Muslim countries, the next major occasion to look forward to is Ramadan. Though it’s not for a few months yet, people are already buzzing and planning for the upcoming season.

Ramadan attracts both those practicing the religious occasion and tourists. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies in Dubai to host iftar buffets. Locals and tourists alike come together during this time to respect, worship, and commemorate the holy practice.

ramadan tents in dubai uae - artisan tents

A Quick Look at Ramadan

Ramadan is a religious occasion wherein Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunsets. This form of sacrifice gives them the time to reflect, pray, and detox both spiritually and physically.

Though a season of fasting, it is also a time to feast. Ramadan has two major daily feasts called suhoor and iftar. These two meals bring large groups of families and friends together to connect, indulge in delicious food, and spend quality time together.

In Dubai, it is not uncommon for food lovers to head out at fast break and dine at some of the best Ramadan tents. From cozy tents to fine dining, Dubai has it all for its guests!

Ramadan Tent Restrictions

If you’re planning on pitching a Ramadan tent as an individual to host a large number of people, then you just might have to do some rethinking. Over recent years, rules have been established about who and where Ramadan tents can be pitched. This is to ensure the safety and security of all feast goers and others in the area.

However, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy and have a great time in Ramadan tents in Dubai! There is no shortage of suhoor and iftar buffets in Ramadan tents around Dubai.

Restaurants &Ramadan Tents in Dubai

While locals and guests flock to restaurants and resorts for a scrumptious buffet to feast on, establishments are scrambling to secure the best, most value-for-money tents to host their buffets.

Artisan Tents is one of the top providers of Ramadan tents in Dubai and the rest of UAE. We supply world-class quality tents that are customizable to suit your needs. Our Ramadan tents in Dubai come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.

Artisan Tents understands that while comfort is a top priority, especially considering that Ramadan typically falls during the warmer months, the overall look and feel of your Ramadan tent is just as important. At Artisan Tents, we pride ourselves with a roster of well-experienced experts to help you find and set up the perfect Ramadan tent in Dubai for your buffets!Thus, we offer decorations, furniture, and interior work to help you achieve your vision for your Ramadan tent in Dubai.

What You Need To Know About Arabic Tents in Dubai

Tents have been an integral part of mankind’s history. Since the dawn of time, tents have served as a dwelling place for men, women, and children. From ancient traditional tents to portable campsite tents, these lightweight shelters have stood the ultimate test of time—usability and relativity in a dynamic and ever-changing society.

Arabic Tents in Dubai

Though its style and purposes date back generations, traditional tents are still very much sought after, especially in the Arab world. So if you’re thinking about getting one of your own or planning to rent Arabic tents in Dubai for an occasion, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about Arabic tents!

Arabic Tents in UAE’s culture

Back in the day, before the influx of modern technology and development, Arabic tents were known as beit-al-sha’r, roughly translating to “house of hair”. Tents were woven from the hair of domesticated sheep and goats. The woven strips would then be sewn together and formed and supported by poles.

Typically, the lifespan of these handmade tents were about five to six years. Sections would be added and replaced regularly as they wore out from use. Though a complex process, Arabic tents served its residents well by providing a safe shelter from their surroundings and climate.

Arabic Tents Styles and Sizes

Perhaps one of the most notable characteristics of Arabic Tents is its unique and distinct style. Even better, they come in different sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your liking and requirements. They can also be installed in virtually any place.

Taking a step back from the traditional, Arabic tents these days can be customizable from the interiors to the exterior shape of the tent. It’s all up to you!

Arabic tents are also fitted with an assortment of traditional décor and furniture. From lush luxury carpet to majlis (Arabian settings), you can go as traditional as you’d like! On the other hand, these can also be customized upon request. So whether you want to go all out traditional or a modern-themed look, having an Arabic tent in Dubai is a good fit.

Where to Get Your Arabic Tent in Dubai

There are various outlets and providers of Arabic tents in Dubai and the rest of UAE. However, for the best quality and long-lasting products, partner with Artisan Tents.

Artisan Tents provides Arabic tent solutions with a wide range of services. We offer a spectrum of Arabic tents in a variety of sizes and styles. With the help of our experienced team, we are confident that we can meet your needs and Arabic tent requirements in UAE without any hassle!

Annual Christmas Party Do in our Party Tent

We’re nearing the end of another year. Before you know it, we’ll be bundled up in warmer clothing to fight the frigid weather. With that in mind, what season do we associate with this time of the year? The Christmas holidays!

Party Tents in Dubai UAE

If you’re a part of the billions of people who celebrate the holidays, then you’re most likely familiar with the annual parties filled with red, green, white, and gold. From office celebrations to throwing one with friends and family, there is nothing like coming together in a party to put the “happy” in “Happy Holidays”.

‘Tis the season for party tents

The holidays are all about coming together with people you care about and reconnecting after a long year of busyness. It’s the perfect time to pause, reflect, and be with your loved ones before another year comes to a close.

Perhaps one of the best things about a Christmas get-together in a party tent is its intimate nature. The enclosed space is enough to give everyone room to move and mingle without giving guests a cramped feeling. But of course, this will depend on the size of your rental party tent in Dubai.

When planning for this year’s Christmas party, why not have it in a tent? Artisan Tents has a wide range of party tents perfect for the occasion. From small gatherings of close family members to corporate celebrations, Artisan Tents provides a spectrum of tent styles and sizes that you can choose from for your party.

A fusion of cultures

In Dubai, tents are often associated with traditional Arabic culture. Why not fuse these two worlds together for something out of the extraordinary? Not only will it be a unique celebration but it would make the party memorable!

Most rental party tents in Dubai are customizable which makes it perfect for the season. It gives you the freedom to decorate your party space as you wish. From themed parties to Arabic Christmas fusions, it’s never a dull celebration with one of our rental party tents in Dubai!

Hiring Santa’s Helpers

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with party planning. Finding the right venue, perfecting the theme and schedule of events, and preparing the guest list. Thus, it is paramount that you find the right rental party tent company in Dubai to take care of the heavy lifting for you. Think of them as your holiday helpers.

At Artisan Tents, we’re ready and equipped to assist you with your party tent needs in Dubai. From traditional tents to fully festive décor, we can take care of it for you. We’ll save you the hassle and stress so that you can fully enjoy the holidays!

As the cheery and chilly holidays swiftly approach us, start considering where and how you would like to host your annual parties. This year, stand out from the crown and have it in one of our party tents! Be unique, memorable, and partner with Artisan Tents this Christmas season!

5 shades to cover your pool

In the scorching heat, taking a dip in the pool to cool down is something everyone looks forward to. But when the heat bothers you when you’re in the pool as well, there’s something wrong! A pool in your backyard that can’t be used especially during the summer is disheartening.


A little shade over your pool can create that perfect environment you’re longing for. Here are five shades that make pools more inviting and will save you from sunburn.

Overall cover
If you have a pool that’s small and round, you could go for a shade as in the image. This covers a little extra on the circumference of the pool. This also prevents rain water entering in the pool.

3/4th cover
If you like a combination of sun and shade, then you should opt for this. Shuffle with ease between the warmth and coolness without stepping out of the pool.

Overhead cover
If your pool ends at one side of the property and you would like less space to be taken by its fixture, you can opt for this design. The shade comes with poles on one side stretching across the pool. Depending on the size of the pool you can cover as much as area you want.

3 side stretched shade
These designs offer class to the entire pool area. Useful for a small pool, the shade covers more than three-quarters of the pool area. The shade comes in white color too, making the space more welcoming and cheerful.

Complete cover
Apt for a huge pool at a club, gym or a hotel, this shade is built over a strong structure. It covers the complete pool area, allowing very less light to penetrate.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Safari Tent

The lines of camping and outdoor comfort has blurred over the years. While many enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and work life through recreational outdoor activities, a good number of people still prefer comfort over roughing it.

permanent safari tents

In fact, this leisure activity has been attracting a new market in the hospitality and tourism industry and even has its own name coined—glamping. For traditionalists, glamping might take away the essence of camping outdoors. However, there is a balance that allows you to bask in the beauty of nature while smoothing the rough edges of traditional camping.

This is where safari tents come in. Specially designed to be your home away from home, safari tents are great on-site housing options for adventurers looking for more comfort. But what are the key points you must consider before buying your own safari tent? Fret not; we’ve rounded them up for you!

Customizable to your needs

Most camping essentials come in standard shapes and sizes. A basic canvas floor, curved body that serves as walls and roofing, and fabric screens as windows for ventilation. This leaves campers looking for other alternatives for basic needs such as toilets and cooking areas.

However, a safari tent gives you a complete home away from home. Kitchen, rooms, toilet, and storage space under one roof in the great outdoors! You can also customize your safari tent according to your needs and guest capacity. Make sure to check with your tent provider if they can customize a safari tent for you to suit your needs from accommodation to styling.

Consider the quality

When it comes to outdoor accommodations, quality is a very important factor to consider. When ordering your safari tent, make sure to check the quality of the materials used.

Most tent providers manufacture safari tents with different materials such as wood, steel, and even canvas. Double check the quality of these materials before making a purchase. After all, you’ll want your safari tent to last a long time and withstand weather conditions.

Know your provider

The company you buy your safari tent from will reflect the quality and durability of their products. When searching for the right safari tent provider, take some time to browse through their previous projects and products. This will give you an idea of their expertise, services, and offers.

Artisan Tents is a well-established tent provider in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide clients with a wide variety of world-class tent solutions. Our team of highly experienced professionals gladly assists customers with their tent needs and helps them find the right option.

Check for amenities

Whether you’re renting or buying a safari tent, make sure it has all the amenities you will need. From storage space to private toilets, safari tents are meant to provide optimal comfort while enjoying what nature has to offer. It should not only be a place to sleep and rest easy but it should also grant you the same comfort that you get from your real home!

Understand your location

Knowing where your safari tent will be placed will guide you through the decision-making process. Take the time to understand your location to get a grasp of your needs and requirements. Remember, buying a safari tent is not a one-time purchase. It is an investment that can return in folds. Details such as land area and location are important not only for the longevity of your safari tent but also to help you choose the best materials for your comfort and its structure.

At the end of the day, camping is all about basking in the beauty and wonder of nature whether you take the traditional route or the modern approach with safari tents. Artisan Tents’ outstanding safari tents offer great convenience, comfort, and ease to ensure our customers enjoy their glamping holidays!

3 shade solutions from Artisan Tents that you can’t miss

Shades are often used for various reasons. You may need a car parking but you are not able to build a garage immediately; then what would be the solution? Yes, a car shade would solve your problems. Think about covering a place with something unique. What would you do? You need to look for shades which are like umbrellas. Or maybe you need a shade just near your pool. How would you solve the issue? You can simply use a shade.


So you can understand that shades are really useful and can serve you in multiple occasions. And if the shades are manufactured by Artisan Tents, then nothing would be like it.

In the following paragraphs, let’s have a look at 3 shade solutions for Artisan Tents that you can’t miss –

  • Awnings and umbrellas: Artisan Tents have made these shades basically due to two reasons. First, these shades will be able to protect you from drastic weather. For example, let’s say that you need to save yourself from scorching sunlight or rainy weather. What would you do? The best solution is of course to use awnings to save yourself and your family from bad weather. Second, these shades will allow you to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy comfort at your own place whenever you want. For example, you have a big pool. Alongside the pool you need a shade so that you can stretch your legs and enjoy the summer. The best solution would be to have umbrella shades as per your preference so that you can enjoy comfort at any place you choose.
  • Car park shadesThis is very common issue. Suppose, you have a bungalow, but as of now, you don’t have a garage and you have two costly cars that you don’t know where to park. What would you do? Would you ask your architect to build you a garage by expending a lot of money? Or should you choose a cost effective method of asking Artisan Tents to build you a car park shade for more than two cars? The second option is always very viable as car park shades reduce your cost, offer you great design and you also will be able to protect your car/s from bad weather. Let’s take another example. Suppose, you run an organization and you have all your employees commuting in cars. But unfortunately, there is no car parking space near your building. What would you do? You should connect with Artisan Tents and ask them to build a car park shade for multiple cars.
  • Swimming pool shadesThis is particularly made for swimming pools. If you have villas or bungalows, these shades will perfectly suit your needs. Or else, if you have a restaurant or a hotel and you have one or more swimming pools, then these shades will add tremendous value to the experience of your customers. Thus, you can understand that these are for all times irrespective of seasons. You can also customize the shades as per your preference and you can ask Artisan Tents to design it as you want.

Comfort Camping: How Permanent Tents Changed Outdoor Convenience

Camping has always been a crowd favorite. From overnight treks to music festivals, surely nothing beats an evening with the great outdoors. In fact, the ruggedness and simplicity of camping have changed invariably over the years.

Permanent Tent in Dubai

Gone are the days when an outdoor overnight stay only meant a small portable tent or a stretch of canvas pegged to the earth with some basic amenities. Who would have thought camping could take on a more comfortable turn?

Why go camping?

People go camping for many reasons. Some do it to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. After all, nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than getting away from the concrete jungle. Camping is also a great way to disconnect from our dependence on life’s conveniences and materialistic things such as mobile devices and even internet connection!

Adventurers often go on long outdoor trips, taking their portable homes on their backs. Whether it’s a days-long trek on the mountain or a night on a secluded beach, they won’t need to worry about accommodations. They’ve got it on them!

Bringing the indoors outdoors

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about camping is its versatility. If you’re feeling outgoing, why not step out of your comfort zone and spend some time with nature? Go back to simplicity and bask in the peaceful moments of Mother Earth!

Another great thing about camping is its convenience. In fact, you can camp in virtually any place from mountain sides to your own backyard. Additionally, there are many camping sites in Dubai that are perfect for overnight stays!

Keeping it for the long haul

Tents are great investment equipment to have. They are perfect not only for overnight stays but also for day trips and other outdoor recreational activities.

However, most portable tents have a lifespan of a couple of years if left unused. The material gets brittle and weak when stored for long periods of time. This is why investing in a permanent tent in Dubai is a better option!

Finding the right permanent tent in Dubai

As a permanent tent manufacturer in UAE, we offer customers a wide selection of permanent tents of varying sizes. Whether you want it to be roomy to fit several guests or compact, we can build it for you! We can also design and structure permanent tents in Dubai according to your desired size and purposes for the tent.

Maintaining a permanent tent in UAE is fairly simple, too. All you have to do is remove the inner fabric, put it for cleaning, and voila! Good as new. Long lasting and a home away from home, our permanent tents in Dubai are still portable and perfect to take to new places to set up your own space!

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor solution for adventures or a cost-effective way of extending your space, permanent tents are great options. They’re versatile, easy to maintain, and have stellar longevity. Not only will permanent tents in Dubai withstand the region’s climate but it will also provide you with utmost comfort while enjoying the great outdoors!

Five Things to Consider When Looking for Ramadan Tents


Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and the most widely celebrated religious events of the year. The month-long observance is not only a time of worship but also of personal reflection and sacrifice. During this time, Muslims all over the world submit to regular prayer and fasting during the day.


However difficult it may seem for non-Muslims to understand, the age-old tradition is a delightful feast before sunrise and after sunset. The early morning feast called Suhoor is traditionally spent with family while the Iftar buffet, known as the sunset feast, is commonly celebrated in Ramadan tent around metropolitan Dubai.

Today, private Ramadan tents are banned in Dubai for safety reasons. However, if you’re in the hotel industry or a charity association and planning to set up your own Ramadan tent, here are five things to tick off your checklist!

  1. Quality

There’s a reason why this…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of an Outdoor Spring Wedding


Spring is in the air and so is the sound of wedding bells together with the beautiful songs of birds. Aside from summer, spring is another season to say I do.

But while it may seem ideal on paper, there are some challenges that come with celebrating your big day outdoors. Here are some dos and don’ts to bear in mind when planning your spring outdoor wedding!

wedding tents in dubaiDo: Check the weather forecast

Spring has become synonymous with new beginnings. What better way to start a new chapter of your life than during this time of the year?

But with spring comes inclement weather. For many, it’s the season where you get the best of both worlds. Some days, the weather is warm and sunny. Others, it’s damp and chilly. Remember to check your local weather forecast for your wedding day and plan accordingly. This will help you set and accommodate…

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